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Test Plugin Functionality

When creating new WordPress plugins, some authors just dump their code into the wp-config.php file to "test" it without fully coding out the required plugin structure. This is a bad idea and can easily be prevented by simply creating a test.php file and placing it in the root directory of the WordPress installation. <?php //Load the WordPress Environment define('WP_DEBUG', true); /* comment out to turn off debugging */ require('./wp-load.php'); //require_once ('./wp-admin/admin.php'); /* uncomment for is_admin() Read More

How To Disable Comments On A Specific Post or Page

How To Disable Comments On A Specific Post or Page

Have you ever wanted to disable or turn off comments on a single, specific page or post on your WordPress site? Guess what? You can! All you need to do is log into your WordPress admin area and edit the page or post you want to disable the comments on. Look towards the top right of the screen, you should see a tab labeled "Screen Options". Simply click on the "Screen Read More

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