Secure Your Plugin Code

Secure Your Plugin Code

Secure Your Plugin Code

pad-lockAs a developer the need to protect intellectual property is always on my mind. Many hours and blood, sweat and tears go into developing and perfecting amazing WordPress plugins and themes. The piracy of WordPress themes and plugins is running rampent on many black hat forums and across the Internet at large. Unfortuantely custom coding encryption and licensing features into themes and plugins is not always practical. This can leave the developer wide open for piracy of their work.

I recently found a plugin which will help combat this issue.  WPERMIT provides an amazing number of features to help maintain valid licenses for your work. Here are just a few of them.

  • Easily create unlimited licenses
  • Keep track of customer and users via an easy to use interface, by email of purchaser or domain licensed upon.
  • Easily block repeat violators
  • Direct tie-in to many IPN payment processors like PayPal
  • Fully white-label ready

This is a serious no-brainer for any WordPress theme or plugin developer out there. Take a look at the WPERMIT plugin today. Your wallet will thank you kindly ;-)

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